Larry and Jenn moved to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western NC in the Fall of 2008. Soon after they found they had a shared love for hiking, finding waterfalls, just being out in the mountains, and for taking photos of these majestic and beautiful mountains.

They decided this love of the mountain with users, and started Blue Ridge Mountain Life in July of 2013 to with a mission to to be the premiere guide for things to see and do in the Blue Ridge.

Jenn later found that she not only had a talent for making t-shirts, but a passion for it a well. She began to create custom designed and unique t-shirts. Our Blue Ridge Mountain Life Store was created to offer these unique designs to you, so you can share your love of the Blue Ridge Mountains with others.

About Larry

Larry graduated from UNC Charlotte, with a B.S. degree in Computer Science. After graduation he worked for a number of companies, developing both internal and external software products. He also married Jenn, and started a family.

He now is Co-owner and Publisher for Blue Ridge Mountain Life. Larry is the primary content creator, photographer, website administrator and responsible for social media.

About Jenn

Jenn attended CPCC in Charlotte working towards a degree in early childhood education. Jenn married Larry, and decided to start a family. She ended up learning far more about children as a full-time Mom to 6 kids, then she ever would have in school. Jenn is now Co-owner of Blue Ridge Mountain Life, taking photos, helping to manage social media, and creating shirts and other products to sell here in the Blue Ridge Mountain Life store.